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R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants

R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants

    • R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants
    • R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants
    • R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants
  • R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Haodi
    Certification: ISO

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    Detailed Product Description



    R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants



    Physical properties

    Molecular formula



    Mmolecular weight



    Boiling point 101.3KPa(℃)



    Freezing point 101.3KPa (℃)


    Density 30℃(kg/m3)



    Critical temperature (℃)



    Critical pressure (MPa)










    Quality index



    Water content




    Evaporation residue


    Chloride content



                     Colorless and clear



    R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants

    Retrofit:R-407C can be used to retrofit existing R-22 systems in positive displacement, direct expansion refrigeration, and air conditioning equipment. R-407C should not be used in centrifugal chillers or other equipment that uses a flooded evaporator due, to its high temperature glide.


    Retrofit Procedure
    1. Establish baseline performance. Note the oil type in use and any system operating data (if system is operating properly). Check for existing leaks and identify any needed repairs.
    2. Recover the existing refrigerant charge (DO NOT vent to atmosphere). Weigh the amount of refrigerant removed.
    3. Drain existing oil from the compressor sump, suction line accumulators, etc. Record the amount of oil removed. Add an equivalent amount of OEM recommended POE oil.
    4. Recharge the system with the recovered R-22 charge and run the system (at least 1 hour) to circulate the new lubricant.
    5. Recover the R-22 charge again and check the residual oil content of the lubricant. The amount of the original lubricant in the POE must be less than 5%.
    6. Repeat steps 3 – 5, as needed, until the required oil purity level is reached. Once the oil flushes are completed, standard maintenance should be conducted (i.e. filter-drier change, leak repairs).
    7. Evacuate the system (less than 500 microns) and ensure it maintains a vacuum. If vacuum is lost, it may indicate that leaks are present in the system.
    8. Charge system with R-407C refrigerant. Remove refrigerant as liquid only from cylinder. The initial charge weight should be approximately 90% of the standard charge for R-22, charging up to 95% if necessary.
    9. Adjust TXV set point and/or refrigerant charge to achieve the desired superheat. Low side pressure control settings may also need to be adjusted.
    10. Monitor oil level in the compressor. If necessary, adjust oil amount to attain normal operating level(mid-sight glass).
    11. Label system clearly, indicating the type and amounts of system refrigerant and oil.

    R407C 99.8% Purity Air Conditioning Refrigerants


    Applications include residential and commercial air conditioning systems, non-flooded evaporator chillers, and some commercial refrigeration systems. Since R-407C has similar properties to R-22, it is possible (with modifications) to use it in the same equipment designed for R-22 today.


    Competitive Advantage:

    1.R407c of all specifications 

    2.OEM is accepted 

    3.Purity 99.8% 

    4.Certifications of 



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