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Stationary RF Skin Tightening Machine / RF Beauty Equipment With Micro - Needle Head

Stationary RF Skin Tightening Machine / RF Beauty Equipment With Micro - Needle Head

  • Stationary RF Skin Tightening Machine / RF Beauty Equipment With Micro - Needle Head
  • Stationary RF Skin Tightening Machine / RF Beauty Equipment With Micro - Needle Head
Stationary RF Skin Tightening Machine / RF Beauty Equipment With Micro - Needle Head
Product Details:
Place of Origin: BEIJING
Brand Name: NUBWAY
Certification: CE
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 SET
Packaging Details: Alumina Box/wooden case
Delivery Time: Within 5 working days
Payment Terms: TT,Western Union,PayPal
Supply Ability: 300 SETS PER MONTH
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Detailed Product Description
High Light:

radio frequency skin tightening machine


rf machine for skin tightening

Stationary RF Skin Tightening Machine / RF Beauty Equipment With Micro - Needle Head



Reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, rough texture, fat, and cellulite.(4 changeable heads for different parts of body,face and eyes care)
•Wrinkle removal, skin lightening
•Skin lifting and tighten Elasticity enhancement
•skin smooth
•pore shrinking, calming down redness.
•Orange tissue removal
•remove stretch marks
•Improve pores



Dear user:

Thanks for using our company’s products,in order to fully make use of the products,we sincerely suggests follow:

  • Please read the  instruction  in detail and  keep it well for  further  reading and consulting.
  • Please follow the instruction to fit and operate the machine correctly.
  • Please do not remove and change any accessories of the machine
  • It forbids other to change and maintain the machine excepy the professional people.
  • Please contact us if there is any trouble during operation.


This product does not belong to medical,please don’t use for disease treatment!



Parts Introduction



2.Non-adjustable low speed handle

3.Adjustable low speed handle

4.Service brake

5.Power switch

6.Power supply line jack





Any  part of  instrument  made of  PMMA material  (for example:accessories  shelf ,panel ,transparent handles, ,etc.). Do not use alcohol or corrosive solvent to wipe clean.



Basal Operation


1. First,insert the steadying bar into the frame hole,aim the hole in steadying bar at the hole in frame ,the  fasten  it  with   hex   socket   screws.   Then   put   the accessories frame into the steadying bar.

2.Put the accessories well and connect them to host.

(1)Insert the Non-adjustable low speed handle into jask[2].

(2)Insert the adjustable low speed handle into jask[3]

(3)Put the brake service on the ground,Insert the brake service into jack[4].

3.Insert power supply line to [6],turn on the power switch [5],input default password “000000” to enter interface as shown in (Fig 1)

4.In interface as(Fig1) shows:

1.Click on “basic setting” to select Language,set Date and Time.

2.The “advanced setting” is only for manufacturer,Users do not use.

3.Click on”picture” to enter interface as (Fig 2)

4.Click on”4.png” to return interface as (Fig 1)



Thermage Treatment



Non-adjustable Low speed handle

Suitable for thermage work head.Click on the “II” step on the service brake once,the thermage work head is only output once.



SRF Nursing process

1.Deep clean the treated skin.

2.Applied anesthetic in the nursing area,and to be anesthetic effect.

3.Apply cold gels on the treated skin.

4.In interfase as shown (Fig 2), click on “low speed SRF” to enter interface as (Fig 3) Thermage treatment function.

5.lnsert the Thermage work head into the Non-adjustable low speed handle.

6.Set working time. The system default work time is 30 minute,click on "<<" and ">>" of work time to regulate,the range is 1 to 120 minutes.

7.Select the work mode. The system default automatic mode is P4,click on "<<" and ">>" of automatic mode to regulate,the details is following:

Automatic mode:

M1 3000ms(long)






Manual mode: 1000ms to 3500ms

8.Set RF output intensity. The system default RF intensity is 1,click on "<<" and ">>" of RF intensity to set,the range is 1(weak) to 8(strong)

9.Click on “PDT” select turn on/off light therapeutics.

10.Click”II”,the system begin to work,the beautician hold the non-adjustable low-speed handle cluing to the skin,Step on the service brake with foot once,then release,move the handle in adifferent part to continue operating.Beautician step on service brake each time,mean that the Thermage work head output engage once at same time.

11.When Thermage treatment is completed.we may use lce to cool the skin,it can relieve swelling,relieve pain effect.

12.Click on”4.png” to return interface as(Fig 1).



Adjustable Low speed handle:

Suitable for MRF micro-needle work head. Adjustable means that the output length of MRF micro­ needle work head can be adjusted. Click on "11" ,step on service brake once,the micro-needles work head is only output once.



MRF Nursing process

1.Deep clean the treated skin.

2.Applied anesthetic in the nursing area,and to be anesthetic effect.

3.Apply effective products in the treated skin.

4.Click on “Low speed MRF” to enter interface as (Fig 4) MRF treatment function

5.Chooce appropriate micro-needle work head,in sert it into the adjustable Low-speed handle

6.Depending on treatment part,adjusting the length of the micro-needles(twisting yellow ring).

0.25,0.5 is suitable for eyes

1.0,1.5,2.0 is suitable for face,3.0 is suitable for bady

7.set working time

8.Select “Time of needles being out”.The system defaule is 300ms, click on "<<" and ">>" to adjust,the range is 250ms to 600ms.

250ms to 300ms is suitable for eyes

300ms to 450ms is suitable for face.

450ms to 600ms is suitable for body.

9. Select “Time difference of MRF and needles being out”,The system default is 2ms,click "<<"and ">>" to adjust, the range is 1ms(fast) to 10ms(slow).O-stands for MRF and needle output at same time.

10.Regulate “RF intensity”.The system default is 1,click on "<<"and ">>" to adjust,the range:1(weak)~10(strong).OFF stands for close MRF function.

11.Click on “PDT”,selest turn on/off light therapeutics

12.Click on “II”,the system begin to work,the beautician hold Adjustable low-speed handle cluing to slin.Step on service brake with foot once,then release,move the handle in a different part to continue operating.Beautician step on service brake each time,means that the MRF micro-needles work head output engage once at same time.

CAUTION:During face and body treated,when the length of MRF micro-needles work head arrive 2.0mm or above; MRF intensity arrive 8 or above; we recommended only operate one time in the same location.Do not repeat operating twice.

13,when MRF treatment is completed.we may use lce to cool the skin,it can relieve swelling,relieve pain effect.



SRF&MRF Cautions

1.When insert MRF micro-needles work head and Thermage work head to the handle,you must check and confirm whether fully inserted.

2.During the treating,  the customer do not wear any metal ornaments

3.Must apply cold gel when use dot matrix SRF electrode head.

4.We recommended  to tum off red led therapeutics when do eyes treated.

5.When gels or other cream products get into Thermage work head,high temperature is easy caused smoking ,please cleansing it immediately



Forbidden Group

1.People with heart disease or high blood pressure,,or configured cardiac pacemaker

2.Patients with acute inflammation,asthma,deep vein thrombosis,thyroncus,caner

3.People with hemorrhagic disease,trauma or who is bleeding.

4.Pregnant women

5.Medical Plastic parts,or parts with artificial in filling inside

6.People with metal inside the body(include metallic tooth)

7.Patient with skin inflammation or with edema

8.People with an abnormal immune system

9.Numb or insensitive to heat



Touch Screen Calibration

1.Turn on the Power switch.click on any place of the touch screen when in waiting interface state to enter calibrating program.

2.Follow the prompts in accordance with the left-top,right-top,right-bottom,left-bottom and center to click on the screen prompts symbol”+”

3.Calibration is finished, ,the system enter to waiting interface

4.Turn off the Power switch ,reboot the system.



Technical Parameters

Input Voltage: AC 220V/150Hz     AC  110V/60Hz

Output Power:55VA

LED: Red 650nm/5mWX1



Packing List

1,Host                                                         1SET

2,Adjustable Low-speed handle                    1PCS

3,Non-adjustable Low-speed handle              1PCS

4,MRF micri-needles work head(25needles)   2PCS

5,MRF micro-needles work head(49needles)  2PCS

6,MRF micro-needles work head(81needles)  2PCS

7,Thermage work head                                 2PCS

8,Service brake                                            1PCS

9,Power supply line                                      1PCS

10,User manual                                            1 COPY

11,Hex socket screw                                    1PCS

12,Hex socket wrench                                  1PC

13,Accessories frame                                  1PC



Symbols and Meanings

Warning Symbol



If used incorrectly will bring the risk of death or serious injury!


If used incorrectly will cause possibility ill of death or serious injury!


If used incorrectly will cause personnel injury or damage to the goods!


Device exists high pressure risk of high voltage output terminals!


If used incorrectly will cause personnel injury!

*Things damage refers to housing,property,livestock and pet damage




1.The following symptoms were forbidden to use

(1)Patients who used by Heart rate regulator,cardiac pacemaker,ECS;

(2)The use of artificial bone; Patients with silicosis

(3)Drunkor high fever patients

(4)Patients with higher sensiticity mental Disease and wpilepsy patients

(5)Patients with no independent expression consciousness and can not take care of the themselves.

(6)Patients with metal materials in body(including metal teeth),pregnant women,cachexia,malignant tumor.

(7)Severe hypertension and severe patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

(8)Patients with renal failure.

(9)Patients with severe infection


2.The following please use under the guidance of professionale

    1.Women during menstruation
    2. Children
    3.Hemorrhagic disease or teauma,inflammation skin disease,skin infection
    4.Patients with feeling numb,no response to cold and heat;
    5.The immune system has defects,scar formation history,physical disease;
    6.The people who has taken face-lifting or her body has artificial thing




1.First check the host, accessories ,power supply line is broken or not before use.

2.Start system,in addition to television,refrigerator,Do not turn on electrical power device at same time.

3.Before use,pleace take the hearing aid,electronic wrisrwatch,  magnetic, card,mobile phone and other things off first.Pay attention to the child’s care to avoid touching.

4.During the using process,drink more water based on your physical.

5.In case of happen specila circumstances or accident,pleace immediately stop using and consult professionals.

6.Patients with following medical electrical device cannot use this system at the same time

-----  Patients who implantable cardiac pacemaker,heart rate regulator,other electronic devices

----- Artificial heart lung device and other device to sustain life

----- Patients with ECG scanner device

----- Patients with metal materials in body (including metal teeth),using artificial bone

7.The following user should be agreed by the professionals before using this device

----- Patients with acute disease

----- Patients with malignant tumor

----- Patients with Infectious disease

----- Pregnancy  women

----- Cardiac disease

----- Patients with high fever

----- Being treated or physical abnormalities

8.Please immediately turn off  power supply , stop using if following abnormal situation happened

(1)Water and other matter into the host

(2)Host ,power supply line ,accessories line and plug etc. occur the abnormal heating, leakage

(3)The sound to be unusual

(4)Abnormal smell,smoke.

(5)Any accessories damaged

(6)Natural disasters and earthquake,the sudden thunder

9.When the treatment is finished ,please cut off  the power supply,be sure to unplug the power plug from the power socket

10.Please check the power supply line,accessories line carefully every time before use,if found damaged,you should stop using and replacing it

11.Transportation and storage conditions:Transport according to the requirements of the order conteact,the transpord process should be to prevent sun and rain; packaged equipment should be stored in relative humidity of not more than 80%,no corrosive gas and ventilated room.

12.The warning mark produce in the specification,its purpose is to enable you to safely and correctly using this dvvice,and to prevent you and others to injury.




1.Appliances and medical equipment close to the machine may be resuting in operational failure due to interference.

2.Prohibie use of the equipment in the following environment

----Hot and humid environment

---- Dusty environment

---Environmental with much smoke or stream

3.If there comes a failure,please shut down the power immediately,and send it to the distributor or manufacturer for maintenance.Do not repair by yourselt.

4.Exclusion of liability

The Company is not responsible for the following circumstances:

(1)If fire,earthquake,war occurred;

(2)The fault of the user,operator error;

(3)Damage caused by using other method(not included in the use manual).

(4)Operate without the manual’s guide.

5.After using the machine for over 40 hours,please take off the dust filter and clean it (If have).

6. Do not make the machine close to the wall,keeping a 30CM space around for cooling.




Safety and Environmental Considerations


  • Toxic and hazardous substance in at least one homogeneous materials of the part exceeds the concentration limit requirement described in SJ/T11363-2006
  • Toxic and hazardous substance in all the homogeneous materials of the part is either below the concentration limit requirement described in SJ/T11363-2006 or is not applicable because the part is not used.
  • Products to be discarded after use,Pleace treat in accordance with electronic and information products recovery,re-use legal regulations.



Technical note

Hardware structure of the machine parts,injection molded parts,and the majority of electronic components,connectors,meet the requirements of the EU and China RoHS directives,Only a few part as the global technology limitatiobs that may affect product reliability,and not find a substitute for the toxic and hazardous substances,please be assured to use,use under normal conditions will not cause health effets on users.

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