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Multi Harmony Mazda High Performance Tires 325/30 ZR 21 21 Inch With CCC

Multi Harmony Mazda High Performance Tires 325/30 ZR 21 21 Inch With CCC

    • Multi Harmony Mazda High Performance Tires 325/30 ZR 21 21 Inch With CCC
  • Multi Harmony Mazda High Performance Tires 325/30 ZR 21 21 Inch With CCC

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Kinforest Tyre
    Model Number: 325/30ZR21

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Container
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Plastic package,or as customer’s requirements.
    Delivery Time: 3-4 weeks after receiving deposit or Original L/C.
    Payment Terms: T/T or LC
    Supply Ability: Large production capacity guarantee timely delivery.
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Kinforest KF550 Diameter: 19-24 Inch
    Technology: Germany Technology Type: UHP Tyre
    Speed Rating: T/H/V/W Other Tires: PCR Tire ,TBR Tire,SUV Tire
    High Light:

    high performance all season tires


    high performance winter tires

    Kinforest Multi Harmony High Performance Tires 325/30ZR21 21 Inch



    Company Profile


    Kinforest Tyre has a complete range of UHP tires. Adopted with Hankook’s technology, KINFOREST TYRE manufactures with all world-class advanced equipments such as Continental unistage tire building machine, Festo all from Germany, VMI from The Netherland, Comerio Ecole calender from Italy, SMC, Kokusai from Japan etc… 


    Pattern Description


    KF550 was developed to blend looks and handling with good noise levels and ride comfort, as well as provide traction on wet and dry roads.

    On the outside, the KF550 molds a summer tread compound into a asymmetric tread design.

    Large rectangular tread blocks provide responsive handling and traction on dry roads, while lateral and circumferential tread grooves help evacuate water from under the tire´s footprint to enhance wet traction and reduce hydroplaning. 







    19 215/35ZR19  85Y XL 8  7 1/2J  320AA
    225/35ZR19  88Y XL 8  8J  280AA
    225/40ZR19  93Y XL 8  8J  320AA
    235/35ZR19  91Y XL 8  8 1/2J  280AA
    235/40ZR19  96YXL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    235/55ZR19  101W 8.8  7 1/2J  420AA
    245/35ZR19  93W XL 8  8 1/2J  280AA
    245/40ZR19  98Y XL 8  8 1/2J  280AA
    245/45ZR19  98Y 8  8J  320AA
    245/55ZR19  103W 8  7 1/2J  320AA
    255/30ZR19  91Y XL 8  9J  280AA
    255/35ZR19  96W XL 8  9J  320AA
    255/40ZR19  100Y XL 8  9J  320AA
    255/45ZR19  104W XL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    255/50ZR19  107Y XL 8  8J  320AA
    255/55ZR19  111W XL 8  8J  320AA
    265/30ZR19  93W XL 8  9 1/2J  280AA
    275/30ZR19  96W XL 8  9 1/2J  280AA
    275/35ZR19  100Y XL 8  9 1/2J  280AA
    275/40ZR19  101Y 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    275/55ZR19  111W 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    285/35ZR19  103Y XL 8  10J  320AA
    285/45ZR19  111Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    295/30ZR19  96Y 8  101/2J  320AA
    20 225/35ZR20  93W XL 8  8J  280AA
    235/55ZR20  105W XL 8  7 1/2J  320AA
    245/30ZR20  95Y XL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    245/35ZR20  95Y XL 8  8 1/2J  280AA
    245/40ZR20  99Y XL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    245/45ZR20  103Y XL 8  8J  320AA
    245/50ZR20  102W 8  7 1/2J  320AA
    245/55ZR20  104W 8  7 1/2J  320AA
    255/35ZR20  97Y XL 8  9J  320AA
    255/40ZR20  101Y XL 8  9J  320AA
    255/45ZR20  105Y XL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    255/50ZR20  109Y XL 8  8J  320AA
    275/30ZR20  97Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    275/35ZR20  102Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    275/40ZR20  106Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    275/45ZR20  110Y XL 8  9J  320AA
    275/50ZR20  113W XL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    285/30ZR20  99Y XL 8  10J  320AA
    285/35ZR20  104Y XL 8  10J  320AA
    285/40ZR20  104Y 8  10J  320AA
    295/35ZR20  105Y XL 8  10 1/2J  320AA
    295/45ZR20  114Y XL 8  10J  320AA
    315/35ZR20  110Y XL 8  11J  320AA
    21 245/35ZR21  96YXL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    245/40ZR21  100Y XL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    255/30ZR21  93Y XL 8  9J  320AA
    265/45ZR21  104Y 8  9J  320AA
    275/30ZR21  98Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    275/40ZR21  107Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    275/45ZR21  111Y XL 8  9J  320AA
    285/30ZR21  100Y XL 8  10J  320AA
    285/35ZR21  105Y XL 8  10J  320AA
    295/30ZR21  102Y XL 8  10 1/2J  320AA
    295/35ZR21  107Y XL 8  10 1/2J  320AA
    295/40ZR21  111Y XL 8  10 1/2J  320AA
    325/30ZR21  108Y XL 8  11 1/2J  320AA
    22  285/45ZR22  114Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    245/30ZR22  97Y XL 8  8 1/2J  320AA
    265/40ZR22  106Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    275/40ZR22  107Y XL 8  9 1/2J  320AA
    285/30ZR22  101Y XL 8  10J  320AA
    295/30ZR22  99Y 8  10 1/2J  320AA
    295/35ZR22  108Y XL 8  10 1/2J  320AA
    305/40ZR22  114Y XL 8  11J  320AA
    23  285/40ZR23  111Y XL 8  10J  320AA
    295/30ZR23  104Y XL 8  10 1/2J  320AA
    24 305/35ZR24  112Y XL 8  11J  320AA
    315/30ZR24  109Y XL 8  11J  320AA

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